Supporting Departments


Information Technology 

  Punjab Institute of Cardiology has the honor to take lead role in the development of complete Hospital Management Information System (HMIS). Online HMIS is running round the clock on network of 10 Servers & 200 computers with Oracle at backend and ASP & Dotnet at frontend. All Counters, OPD, Wards, Diagnostic Departments are interconnected. Record of more than one million patients is maintained in HMIS. All Hardware & Software are maintained in house without any service maintenance contract. HMIS record of PIC may be shared with other cardiac institutes at later stage.

Blood Transfustion Services

  PIC maintains a pool of blood and blood components so that if any patient is to be provided in emergency or needs extra amount of blood during the surgery, it is provided from the hospital pool, We have at least 15 to 20 units of blood of each blood group in our hospital pool, We have at least 8 to 10 units of FFP (Fresh Frozen Plasma) of each blood group. Similarly we have a pool of packed red ceils which can be provided to the patients in the cardiology wards, as and when required in the hospital

Social Welfare Department

  The Medical Social Services (MSS) project or the patient welfare society (PWS) of this institute was formed in 1991. The main objective of project is to help and facilitate poor patient either by providing medicines, arrangement for operation, moral and psychological support etc, through donations and fund raising. PWS is engaged in generating funds and collecting donations. The Central Zakat Council provides Rs.12 M per annum for the sole purpose of Cardiac Surgery. Tile funds are allocated by the PWS so that maximum number of patients are accommodated. The main aim of this project is to help and facilitate poor patients.

Bio Medical Department

Qualified and well trained Biomedical Engineers, Assistant Electronic care takers are looking after the affairs of Biomedical Engineering Department. Biomedical Engineering Department is providing the following services, round the clock to keep the state of the art medical equipment in optimum working condition.  
  • Corrective Maintenance / Repair of Equipment which does not need a major parts replacement
  • Scheduled Inspection & Preventive Maintenance of Medical equipment according to the manufacturer recommendations.
  • Calibrations of Medical Equipment for getting the optimal results of equipment.

Central Sterlise Supply Department (CSSD)

  The department is responsible for the cleaning, decontamination, and sterilization of all reusable patient care surgical instruments and supplies. The staff process, maintain and dispense supplies and equipment required by medical, nursing or para-medical personnel in designated departments for the care, diagnosis or treatment of patients.
Recently, the whole department has been renovated and a state-of-the-art terilization system has been installed.

Hostel Department

  Punjab Institute of Cardiology has separate hostels for doctors, nurses and paramedics within the premises of PIC. Reseidence for medical superintendent is also available within the premises. Medical Superintendent controls these hostels with the help of Additional Medical Superintendent, senior doctor and senior nurses with proper security arrangments.
Accommodate to both married and un-married staff members is provided. Building department, PIC maintains these hostels.


  The Library of Punjab Institute of Cardiology came into existence in 1991 with a reasonable collection of latest medical books and regular subscription of journals. lt is located adjacent to the auditorium on the lst floor. The Library like any other modern libraries contains facilities such as latest books and all sorts of medical literature. Internet facility is available to all the members with online access to medical journals. Every Saturday the Journal Club meeting of the Cardiology Department is held at the library under the supervision of the Chief of Cardiology.

Pharmacy Department

  PIC Pharmacy was established to provide quality medicine and disposable items at subsidized rates within the hospital premises. It protects patients from sub standard medicine and disposable. PIC Pharmacy directly imports medicine and disposable items from the manufacturers at reduced cost and avoid reused disposables. Rates are 25% cheaper than the market.
Nursing Department   Top
  Nursing Services are supervised by Deputy Chief Nursing Superintendent and a Nursing Superintendent. There are 67 Head Nurses and 600 Staff Nurses providing patient care and are involved in ward management round the clock in morning, evening and night shifts. About 100 nurses have done postgraduation in ICU and CCU. Training lectures are regularly arranged for Nurses. ACLS and BCLS Courses are mandatory for all nurses.