Current Laws

Rules and Regulations

Current Organizational Structures


Medical Staff


Current Policies

  • Most modern technology for treating the patients
  • Upgrading the equipments and treatment with new technologies
  • Providing state of the art facilities at PIC
  • Parent institute desiminationg information to the sister institution and cardiologist at district level


  • To replace the out dated equipments
  • Expension of emergency services
  • Expension of indoor capacity

Future Plans

  • Renovation of corridors at ground floor
  • Renovation of Jillani Block
  • Renovation of General Wards at 2nd and 3rd floors
  • Main Sewrage Line from Emergency Department towards Mian Mir Drain

Annual Progress Report

  • Annual Progress Report, 2013

Evaluation Reports Applicable to the Organization

  • Annual performance reports are submitted to the government and punjab assembly evaluates these reports.

Current Major Projects

  • Renovation of Emergency Department
  • Renovation of Pathology Laboratory
  • Construction of Registration Counter outside area of Emergency Department